Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2020
aintjustmusic was a web fanzine about 20+ years ago, back then risen from the ashes of a very insignificant print fanzine (named "C.I.F.", if anyone cares ^^).

A while ago i intensified "music listening" activities again and as this grew more and more i started collecting new stuff i found, later also in youtube playlists ( ).

This blog is now a try to get a bit better organized (textfiles have their limits) and to also have all this information in a public place, which might help some people, too.

As i got ideas for probably more than tree "full time jobs" but also have to earn money with a "regular" full time job (and i also still got some "private life") my resources are very limited. If you want to hire me or have other ideas how i could get more time available for this without being completely poor - please contact me ;-)

So please consider this site a "work in progress" for a while.

There is a lot more i could write, but as stated above - limited resources. So I'll rather spend some more time organizing this week's "newstuff"-playlist ^^.

Probably just one more thing: "Why english?" you might ask. As german language limits the possible audience and this is a very "international" approach this seems to make more sense to me. Also this is another chance for me to get some "practice".

Rock on!