Freitag, 10. Januar 2020

I forgot to mention that the "newstuff" playlists are (usually) sorted by release date (ascending, so newest stuff is at the bottom) - so feel free to shuffle or whatever... ;-)

Vandalismus • SHE-HULK (prod. Silkersoft)

SCHERBEN - Gott Sei Dank Krieg (Antikörper Session)

JOSEPH BOYS - Brazilian Butt (Antikörper Session)

VSK - Wenn keiner regiert

RAF Mod Band - Want You To Know

Kommando Marlies - Eskalation ja klar (Offizielles Video)

Chiefland - Untied (2/4) | Sunsetter Sessions #13

The Front Bottoms: Camouflage (Official Video)

punch`n`judy - Chaosraben 2020 (official video)

The Wild Haze - Can't Win

Habitar La Mar - La Tara / Comedia Yoica

The Affect Heuristic - Mel Gibbons ||| New Song 2020

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5 & 7) [PULSE Restored & Re-Edited]

Blackwater Holylight - Jizz Witch | Official Music Video | RidingEasy Records

Norma Jean- [Mind over Mind] (Lyric Video)

Green Day - When I Come Around (Live at NYRE)

Power Alone - Something Real

The Path - Wizards walk among us

Lessoner - Motor (Offical Video)

My Dying Bride - Your broken shore

Fashion Killers - Bong Scare Live @BurnDownKray

Jaya The Cat - Here Comes The Drums

Kvelertak - Crack of Doom feat. Troy Sanders

Frittenbude - Hildegard (Live @ FM4 Session)

LAST - Self Titled

Ozzy Osbourne - Straight to Hell (Official Music Video)

Do What I Say | Clawfinger live | Rockpalast | 2019

Ad People by Melted Bodies


mint mind - "Alcoholicity"

The Casualties Live at Pol’ and Rock Festival “Borders”

Spanish Love Songs "Kick" Official Music Video

Complete! - "Good Person" Official Lyric Video

The Patient - "Sent Here for a Reason" Dead Memory Records

Monza - Der Tag an dem Berge aus dem Himmel wuchsen (Ghost City Sessions)


THE SONIC DAWN - Young Love, Old Hate // HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records

Bracket - Forget (Official Video)

The Ocean "Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence" (Live in India)

BLACK MIRRORS - Günther Kimmich (Unplugged) | Napalm Records

Midnight "Fucking Speed And Darkness" (OFFICIAL)

PEARS - Comfortably Dumb (Official Audio)

Akne Kid Joe - What AfD thinks we do… (Official Video)

Modern Rituals - Them Days is Gone (Official Video)

DeWolff - Nothing's Changing (Official Music Video)

Die Deislers - Nine To Five

Dskarrila - Acojonada | Videoclip Oficial

Antilopen Gang - Der Ruf ist ruiniert

SLIME - Wem Gehört Die Angst (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Mythic Sunship: Olympia

HEAVEN SHALL BURN – Protector/Weakness Leaving My Heart (OFFICIAL VIDEOS)

The Offenders - Marchez [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Anti-Flag - The Disease

replaced with Video Version:
Anti-Flag - The Disease