Freitag, 3. Februar 2023
Featuring new (sometimes also live and re-released/remastered) songs/videos by:
Björnarna, Planet On A Chain, Dangerface, Das Lumpenpack, Pussy Riot, The Owen Guns, Team Scheisse, Kapa Tult, Menschabstinenz, Fake News, The Brokedowns, Omni of Halos, Stöner, The Hip Priests, XL LIFE, LO!, Gel, Coilguns, Cable Ties, Tomahawk, TV SHOCK, The Last Internationale, The Speakeasy, Dog of Man, WinningShot, Rumor Kontrol, Teen Mortgage, Dune Rats, Venomous Concept, Death Valley Girls, Black Pantera, VOIID, The Luka State, Swell O, Emphasis, Nonono Daniel Sun, Überyou, Lambrini Girls, Dad Brains, Rotor, Isaak, Bikini Beach, Dub War, The Damned, Crim, BABYMETAL, La Rage, Analstahl, Villagers Of Ioannina City - and some more... ;-)

New concerts/sessions by: Militarie Gun, Regulate, Sunstroke...

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Released last monday (finally on time ^^): The now weekly roundup Playlist for CW04 on Bierschinken:

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