Freitag, 19. April 2024
Featuring new (sometimes also live and re-released/remastered) songs/videos by:
Gas Wasser Indiepop, Frank Turner, MACSAT, Dorfterror, Values Here, Lowknox, Knorkator, The Meffs, Our Souls, Southtowne Lanes, Militarie Gun, Wick Bambix, Rexrez, Dubioza Kolektiv, Burning Heads, Krigsstigen, Radium Dolls, im taxi rauchen, Sheebaba, Sublime, Ekko Astral, Irnini Mons, Fake News, Danziger, This Is The Kit, Sorry3000, Cut Piece, IDLES, Death Pose, KAFVKA, Fontaines D.C., RIFFLORD, Brickcity, MONO, One Step Closer, schubsen, Drunken Swallows, Alcest, Blomst, Can't Swim, Zeta, Baits, Hacktivist, Proper., Screaming at Traffic, Spiritual Cramp, The Idoru, Better Lovers, Broilers, Jotfünf, Znous, Kings Of Leon, Cloud Nothings, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Cross Dog, This Is A Train Wreck, Rats Will Feast, Flittern, Blues Pills, Sondaschule, Beatsteaks, Belushi Speed Ball, ME REX, Edge Of Sanity - and some more... ;-)

New concerts/sessions by:
The Kills, Gorilla Biscuits, W!ZARD, Cosmic Joke, BADWAVE, ARCADIA, GREYHOUNDZ, Pinkshift, Die Toten Hosen...

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