Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2020
concerts/sessions2020 (update: 2020-05-21)
Full youtube playlist (also includes previous and future videos):

Featuring: The Clash(1980), The Hold Steady(2007), Clutch(2020), Operation Ivy(1989 - last Gig ever!), Danko Jones(2013), Foo Fighters(2008), Ugly Kid Joe(2013), Monsters Of Liedermaching(2020), Fugazi(1989), Hot Water Music(1995), Avail(1996), Ignite, Beastie Boys(1992)...

not on youtube!:
SRF 3 Rock Special: Coilguns (CH)

update 2020-05-21:
Beastie Boys HD : Live In Japan ( Pro Shot ) - 1992

Avail Live 8/11/1996 at the Wetlands NYC

Hot Water Music Live 12/23/1995 at 67 Handy St in New Brunswick NJ

Fugazi- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/20/89 enhanced video w/ Pro Walkman Audio xfer from master tapes

King Buffalo - Quarantine Sessions [4 of 4] - Orion

Monsters of Liedermaching - AUTOKINO-KONZERT ESCHWEGE - Full Concert

Ugly Kid Joe LIVE Woodstock Festival Poland 2013 [FULL CONCERT]

Foo Fighters - Live at Wembley Stadium (2008)(Full Concert)

Danko Jones LIVE Woodstock Festival Poland 2013 [FULL CONCERT]

Operation Ivy- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/28/89 Multicam w/Sony D6 Audio

Clutch - Fortune Tellers Make a Killing Nowadays

The Hold Steady - Live at Hovefestival Norway 2007

The Clash - Full Concert - 03/08/80 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

Freitag, 15. Mai 2020
Featuring: Dead Lord, Paradise Lost, GoGo Penguin, Der Zweite Mensch, 100 Kilo Herz, Los Fastidios, Pearl Jam, Mrs. Piss, Protest The Hero, Therapy?, Inter Arma, Ben Harper, Jinjer, CRO-MAGS, Stoned Jesus, Lena Stoehrfaktor, Supergrass, Strike Anywhere, Band ohne Anspruch, Youth of Today, Antillectual, Buju Banton, New Found Glory, The Sensitives, Goldfinger, TRIXSI, CB3, HANGING GARDEN, CHRISTMAS, Boysetsfire...

Full Playlist:

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Playlist contents:
Knife Club - Remember The Gold Dollar Sign Hoodie?

Berthold City - What Time Takes (Official Video)

Old Sparky - Drunk With You

Requiem | Boysetsfire live | Rockpalast 2015

CHRISTMAS - Nörten, Einsfünfzig (Antikörper Session)

RONG KONG KOMA - Eine Million Seile (Antikörper Session)

Rodrigo y Gabriela - The Russian Messenger (Lumbini Sessions)

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Mettavolution (Lumbini Sessions)

Weezer Plays The Simpsons Theme Song | Season 31 | THE SIMPSONS

Robert Görl & DAF - Ich Denk An Dich

HANGING GARDEN - At Close of Day (Into That Good Night)

Stereokeys - Once In A While (Official Video)

HEADS. - 'Weather Beaten' (Official Video)

KAYLETH - The Dawn of Resurrection (Official Video)

Angora Club - Minusmann (Official Video)

Apocalyptica - Enter Sandman (Live at Hellfest 2017)

11. Señor Mora - joliette (Luz Devora)

Single Mothers - I'm Wrong (Official Video)


Motörhead – Ace Of Spades (Lyrics Video)

DeWolff - Live Like You (LIVE)

Zuggu Dan - Bush Master(Official Video)

Greek Wood - Burnt Tapes - Lockdown Special

VLADA INA - Blind Faith (Official Video)

Yume - White Grape (Music Video)

War On Women + Gwarsenio Hall cover Danzig's "Am I Demon" from The Fest 2019

TRIXSI - 'Wannabe' (Offizielles Video)

Gordon Shumway | Bier kaufen dicht saufen | LIVE | Acoustic

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Bad Guy - Billie Eilish Cover (Lumbini Sessions)

Kind Kaputt - Leichter (Kleine Freiheit Live Sessions)

Goldfinger - "A Million Miles" (Quarantine Video) featuring Kye Smith

Besides Miners (Official Audio)

Das Ding ausm Sumpf - MiniDisc [Quarantäne Video]

Heels - "Antics/I'll Have a Name Soon" Altercation Records - A BlankTV World Premiere!

envy - Farewell to words / Testimony to the existence -【Official Live Video】

HUANASTONE - Viva Los Muertos (single)

The Sensitives - How the Fuck

Clutch + Cave In + Wear Your Wounds cover AC⚡DC's "Riff Raff"

Dorkatron - Pills


GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA - Artefacts (Artefacts - Live / Official Video)

New Found Glory - Himalaya (Lyric Video)

Memories (Official Lyric Video) | Buju Banton feat John Legend

X - Free (Official Audio)

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day - Not That Way Anymore (No Fun Mondays Cover)

Jamaican Jazz Orchestra - Hold The Phone

Antillectual - Search and Destroy (The Stooges cover)

Rivers Cuomo - heart shaped box

Youth of Today - No More (restored directly from master recording)

Iskander - Work To Live [Official Video 2020]

VROVL - De Stuurman

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp - Isolation [Official Music Video]

SUPERNAUGHTY - BiGB (official Video)

Loose Behaviour | Sad Action | Live from The Rock Room

wonach wir suchen - wohin

Band ohne Anspruch - The Schwurbel Song (hochoffizielles Video)

Enter Shikari - THE GREAT UNKNOWN (Official Video)

Bracket - Exit Interview (Official Video)


Die Klebenden Pappkaplane - Saufen Wochenende (Probe)

Strike Anywhere "Dress the Wounds"

The Bare Minimum - Bonestorm

Bronco - Cowboy (Official Video)

TV Party - Caroline (Official Video)

InTechnicolour - Tortoise (Official Video)

Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz (Acoustic Version) (Official Video)

Lena Stoehrfaktor - Blick ( prod. TAPETE )

Spielbergs - Go!

Stoned Jesus - Here Come the Robots (Live at Green Theatre, Kyiv, 2019)


JINJER - Noah (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Ben Harper - "Don't Let Me Disappear"

INTER ARMA - Southern Man (Neil Young Cover)

FasterForward - Full Speed Ahead (Quarantine video) feat friends from the local scene.

NOFX - Green Corn live in Prague 1993

MxPx - "Worries"

Splinter - "Take No More"

Therapy?-Nowhere (2020 Version) Official Lyric Video

Sorry3000 - Nasenspray (Official Video)

END - Fear For Me Now

Protest The Hero | From The Sky (Official Video)

Mrs. Piss "Downer Surrounded by Uppers" (Lyric Video)

Sharptooth "Say Nothing (In The Absence Of Content)" Official Music Video

Pearl Jam - Retrograde (Official Video)

LOS FASTIDIOS feat. Barra Brava from lockdown - "Oh Henry" (Millie Small Cover)

TV Priest - House Of York (Live Isolation Video)

Demons - "Slow Burn" (Official Music Video)

100 KILO HERZ // Drei Jahre ausgebrannt (Official Video)

Kommando Kant – Miami (offizielles Video)

Der Zweite Mensch - ganz normale Menschen (Official Video)

GoGo Penguin - Don’t Go (Live)

die Apart - Gegenüber


Mr Kamanzi & Spirit Revolution - Smile [Official Video 2020]


Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2020
concerts/sessions2020 (update: 2020-05-14)
Full youtube playlist (also includes previous and future videos):

Featuring: Gentleman, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones(x2), Garbage, Oasis, The Weakerthans, Foo Fighters, Queen, Body Count, Skunk Anansie, Anamanaguchi, FrankTurner, Danko Jones, Pipes and Pints...

Update 2020-05-14:
Pipes and Pints - live stream

Danko Jones - Live at Wacken Open Air 2015

Cadet Carter - Live from 8 Ohm

The Rolling Stones - Live in 1981 - ARTE Concert

FrankTurner live | Rockpalast | 2010

Anamanaguchi - Secret Sky BAND SET (4K)

Rotting Out - 03/14/2020 - (Live @ Chain Reaction)

Skunk Anansie LIVE at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2019 [FULL CONCERT]

Body Count live at Afro Punk 2014

Queen - Live At Wembley - ARTE Concert

Foo Fighters - Skin And Bones (2006) (Full Concert)

The Stone Eye - The Quarantine Sessions (Episode #5)

The Weakerthans live at the Burton Cummings Theatre 2009 (2020 reencoded)

Oasis - Live at Maine Road 1996 [2nd Night] (Full Concert) [DVD 50fps]

Garbage - Live at Scotland 1999 ( FULL CONCERT )

Extra Licks! The Rolling Stones - Havana Moon #ExtraLicks #StayHome rock #WithMe

Berlin Culture Cast - Smile and Burn + Pabst [LIVE]

The Black Dahlia Murder - Live in Boston - October 2019

Shin Guard at Kame House - January 8, 2020

SeeYouSpaceCowboy - 02/28/2020 - (Live @ Chain Reaction)


Deep Purple Live in Belgium August 1969

#SEATsounds Mittagspause mit Gentleman