concerts/sessions2020 (update: 2020-05-21)
Full youtube playlist (also includes previous and future videos):

Featuring: The Clash(1980), The Hold Steady(2007), Clutch(2020), Operation Ivy(1989 - last Gig ever!), Danko Jones(2013), Foo Fighters(2008), Ugly Kid Joe(2013), Monsters Of Liedermaching(2020), Fugazi(1989), Hot Water Music(1995), Avail(1996), Ignite, Beastie Boys(1992)...

not on youtube!:
SRF 3 Rock Special: Coilguns (CH)

update 2020-05-21:
Beastie Boys HD : Live In Japan ( Pro Shot ) - 1992

Avail Live 8/11/1996 at the Wetlands NYC

Hot Water Music Live 12/23/1995 at 67 Handy St in New Brunswick NJ

Fugazi- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/20/89 enhanced video w/ Pro Walkman Audio xfer from master tapes

King Buffalo - Quarantine Sessions [4 of 4] - Orion

Monsters of Liedermaching - AUTOKINO-KONZERT ESCHWEGE - Full Concert

Ugly Kid Joe LIVE Woodstock Festival Poland 2013 [FULL CONCERT]

Foo Fighters - Live at Wembley Stadium (2008)(Full Concert)

Danko Jones LIVE Woodstock Festival Poland 2013 [FULL CONCERT]

Operation Ivy- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/28/89 Multicam w/Sony D6 Audio

Clutch - Fortune Tellers Make a Killing Nowadays

The Hold Steady - Live at Hovefestival Norway 2007

The Clash - Full Concert - 03/08/80 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)