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Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen, Christian Steiffen, Darius, Hot Water Music, Mondo Wave, Hippie Trim, HEY-SMITH, Ufomammut, FUCK MONEY, METZ, Soapbox, Escuela Grind, The Hourglass Cats, Four Stroke Baron, One Step Closer, The Dollyrots, Arcadia Grey, YESNOMAYBE, Khruangbin, JER, The Dead End Kids, Melvins, Lone Creep, Deaf Club, LOVELINE, Moscow Death Brigade, Aerial Salad, Rats Will Feast, THE MFA, Sarah Lesch, Descendents, Kochkraft durch KMA & Team Scheisse, The Dirty Nil, schubsen, Half Past Two, Girth Control, NØ MAN, BLUTHUND, Alligatoah, DRITTE WAHL, SCUNKS, Like A Motorcycle, Fornhorst, Belushi Speed Ball, The Anti-Queens, Pearl Jam, Smile And Burn, PET NEEDS, KIDS OF RAGE, Cock Sparrer, Cuffed Up, The Unsounded, Kill The President! - and some more... ;-)

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Roman Candle, Botch, Monkey3...

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