Featuring new (sometimes also live and re-released/remastered) songs/videos by:
Jan Delay, The Car Bomb Parade, BANGLADEAFY, Scarboro, Couch Slut, 'Excuse Me, Who Are You?', Yosemite In Black, We Hate You Please Die, Guhn Twei, Choices Made, Mdou Moctar, Arcadia, Too Bad Eugene, MURF, Pussy Gillette, Busted Head Racket, Punkband, The Hives, Bad Mary, GOBLIN DAYCARE, Mindframe, Lambrini Girls, Rabatzke, the garbo network, Sunny Day Real Estate, Four Stroke Baron, SOOMA, CANDY, The Hope Conspiracy, Sydney Sprague, Arcadia Grey, waterweed, Knocked Loose, The Mendozaz, SOAPBOX, Die Spitz, Spanish Love Songs, Dischord, Greenleaf, The Anti-Queens, isoscope, The Manikins, Upchuck, Thunder Queens, LES SAVY FAV, Los Bitchos, Something To Do, MakeWar, Ernte 77, Crim, Fader, Madness, Nein Danke, Die netten Jungs von Nebenan, GEL, Knorkator, The Calamatix, Sarah and The Safe Word, Stage Bottles feat. Moscow Death Brigade, Fornhorst, Left Circles, Grumpster, Wonk Unit, BoA mit Elfmorgen, Thomas D & The KBCS, Dorfterror, Magnetic Spacemen, Heiter bis Wolkig, SOAPBOX, ZIK ZAK, Verstörte Becker - and some more... ;-)

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The Vageenas, Drain, No Right, Sleater-Kinney, Drug Church...

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